Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fedora (32 & 64 bit) unit tests with Zarro permanent oranges :)

Today we have reached another milestone for running unit tests on user desktop operating systems.
Since I enabled unit tests for our Fedora testing machines today is the first time that I have all 10 different test suites enabled and visible!

This means that we can now continue with the next stage and final part of the project:
  • disable unit tests on the CentOS machines (where we have been running unit tests up until now)
  • enable unit tests for the project branches on the Fedora machines (we now have enough machines)
I will bring this up at the developers' meeting and make sure that everyone is fine with this final part of the project.

For context details:

This project got started in early March to run unit tests on real user operating systems. We have been running all Fedora test suites since April 12th. but the results were only revealed on the main reporting pages as permanent oranges got fixed. Big thanks for Ehsan Akhgari, Zack Weinberg, Dave Townsend, Marco Bonardo, David Bolter, Daniel Holbert, Boris Zbarsky, David Baron, Robert O'Callahan and Phil Ringnalda for contributing, guiding, helping and fixing all these oranges; without their help we would have not been able to accomplish this.

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