Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Help finishing *all* Fedora oranges

As you might know we are trying to run unit tests on our Fedora machines but we are still trying to bring down the number of permanent oranges.

We are down to 2 permanent suite oranges (6 open bugs) but I need more traction from developers to get these nailed down.

As Ben pointed out, we can provide access to our machines. For this purpose I have set aside two Fedora 32bit machines waiting for the developers involved with the oranges to work with them. I have emailed individually to the developers but if you think you can give them a hand please email me.

* mochitest-browser-chrome:
  * bug 560878 (browser_bug435788.js)
  * bug 562663 - chrome://mochikit/content/browser/browser/components/places/tests/browser/browser_library_panel_leak.js
* reftests - tracking bug 560882  
  * Bug 558910 - antialiasing
  * Bug 558977 - reftests/svg/objectBoundingBox-and-fePointLight-01.svg
  * Bug 559125 - reftests/bugs/180085-1.html and reftests/bugs/359903-1.html
  * Bug 559426 - layout/reftests/box-shadow/boxshadow-inner-basic.html and

The tracking bug is bug 554934.

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