Friday, March 06, 2015

How to generate data potentially useful to a dynamically generated trychooser UI

If you're interested on generating an up-to-date trychooser, I would love to hear from you.
adusca has helped me generate data similar to what a dynamic trychooser UI could use.
If you would like to help, please visit bug 983802 and let us know.

In order to generate the data all you have to do is:
git clone
cd mozilla_ci_tools
python develop
python scripts/misc/

That's it! You will then have a graphs.json dictionary with some of the pieces needed. Once we have an idea on how to generate the UI and what we're missing we can modify this script.

Here's some of the output:
    "android": [

Here are the remaining keys:
[u'android', u'android-api-11', u'android-api-9', u'android-armv6', u'android-x86', u'emulator', u'emulator-jb', u'emulator-kk', u'linux', u'linux-pgo', u'linux32_gecko', u'linux64', u'linux64-asan', u'linux64-cc', u'linux64-mulet', u'linux64-pgo', u'linux64_gecko', u'macosx64', u'win32', u'win32-pgo', u'win64', u'win64-pgo']

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