Thursday, March 26, 2015

mozci 0.4.0 released - Many bug fixes and improved performance

For the release notes with all there hyper-links go here.

NOTE: I did a 0.3.1 release but the right number should have been 0.4.0

This release does not add any major features, however, it fixes many issues and has much better performance.

Many thanks to @adusca, @jmaher and @vaibhavmagarwal for their contributions.


  • An script has been added
  • Issue #69 - Generate graph of builds to testers
  • Added flake8 support - Remove pyflakes and pep8
  • Allow skipping revisions on a list (09f7138)
  • Issue #61 - Rename to


  • All the documentation and roadmap have been polished
  • Issue #90 - Do not trigger builds multiple times if we are intending the test jobs to be triggered multiple times
  • Issue #94 - Load list of repositories from disk only once
  • Issue #117 - gaia-try builders are always upstream builders
  • Determine a running job correctly (068b5ee)
  • Issue #142 - Loading buildjson files from disk is now only done once
  • Issue #135 - Remove buildjson files which have fallen out of date
  • Issue #146 - If the buildapi information about a build is corrupted, trigger that build again
  • Some DONTBUILD pushes can have buildapi support (dcb942f)
  • Issue #120 - Prevent triggering more build jobs than necessary

For all changes visit: 0.3.0...0.4.0

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