Friday, December 07, 2007

0.3.3 l10nFork final release

As Rueen and Vince have announced, they completed most of the TODOs that we had in mind for the 0.3 release and thanks to Ben's and Ted's help, I have completed the rest of the TODOs for the 0.3 but ONE (read from a file changes to be applied to an l10n tree), which right now is hard-coded :(

Anyways, I want to say that the project is ready to be evaluated since the BUG has the latest release and the WIKI page has the latest information.

The project will still continue to change since the script can grow much more but for now there will be no more updates until exam's week is done.

I would like to conclude with two last thoughts:
  1. Now that I have spent another full day with python, I can see that the learning curve is a little long but I have started to understand it and it is the best scripting languages that I have found so far (I also have to say that I have only dealt with Perl and PHP). It is really powerful, fully object-oriented and a really complete library!
  2. I believe that the Open Source courses that Seneca offers produces a new kind of open source developers; Ben is a graduated of Seneca and took this course last year, his support has been amazing and every single line he wrote about our script was something that I will fully understand and induce me to research on the right line. Others even though they tried to help (and they did help most of the time), they forget my newness in open source and my lack of knowledge of the language. PLEASE: don't misunderstand me, every single person in the IRC channel has always helped me and a lot (a lot, a lot, a lot...)- I refer to comments on Bugzilla that passed over my head and I can understand that people might not have time to be "educational" or "guide me" on their comments

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