Monday, December 03, 2007

l10nFork0.3.1 release and concerns

I have posted the attachment in Bugzilla (Bug403215 comment 7) and I have added this comment:
This attachment is supposed to do multiple regular expressions changes to the
DTD and the properties files of an l10n source tree

I think it will be amazing if it could create a parallel l10n tree with the
changes applied to the new regional. We want to get rid of creating .bak files

Inside the file, you can find "todo.txt", "changes.txt", "instructions.txt" and
"release.txt" with plenty of information.
And this is the help I am looking for or what I want to get done by the end of this week:
Please if someone could just give me an idea of how would they:
1) create a parallel l10n tree - (I am thinking of copying from SOURCE to
DESTINATION and then apply changes)
2) read the changes from changes.txt which contains multiple changes and
recreate the regular expressions - (I am thinking of an array with COMPILED
regular expressions and then iterate through them)
I have also asked for help to Ben Hearsum (the master in python ;) and said that he will have a look at it

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