Monday, December 24, 2007

These last days: Reformating, getting ready and Assembla

These days were set aside to reformat my laptop which has Vista on it and was corrupted, but what was to be just few hours become a couple of days, since I also decided to open room for Ubuntu in my laptop but in my playing around with my partitions, I have lost all my videos and music :(

I have also been getting ready for next semester by preparing all the IDEs and others that I am going to need: Eclipse IDE with Php and Svn, Visual Studio 2005 for Asp .Net and C#, set up Appserv as my web server package, Dreamweaver and others ...

I have also discovered an online tool (Assembla) which is for managing developers teams (you can also organize normal teams) and contains a wiki, trac, subversion, time tracking, scrum reports, chats and many others. I believe it is a good tool and I have already set up 3 different accounts (academics, professional and non-for profit organizations).
If you have to organize a team bigger than one member I would suggest you to give it a try (btw it is free as in "free" beer!). It is also a way of finding jobs and showing that you are serious about managing teams.

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