Saturday, December 29, 2007

Armenian localization

As you may have noticed, in the beginning of the semester I said I was going to continue with the Armenian localization project but Dave suggested to turn into a three team project to try to create the English-Canadian version of Firefox. This actually ended up turning to be another project which was to create a script to create an l10n regionalised source tree from an l10n source tree.

Anyways, the problem was that I never continued the Armenian localization project and in all of this time I never heard of anybody trying to continue it.

You can check these links:
In all of this months working with the l10n community, I have seen a lot of good changes from the l10n drivers and from it I see myself making things easier for localizers rather than being a localizer myself, since, I am not good at reading and writing Armenian :(

It would great if this project continues with or without me, but I definitively I have interest in see it done.

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