Tuesday, January 22, 2008

armenzg: Sess8 - Mochitest, Hera server and project page

Writing posts can become really time consuming but it is a good way to don't loose some information you might have researched about.
For instance, this last Friday I had to choose between writing the steps to run the Mochitests and creating a project page for this semester's project. I chose to create the project's page and now that is Tuesday I just can't remember all the details of what I did with Mochitest but I know I run them!

Run Mochitests
As I said, I can't remember the exact steps but I believe that were as said in previous instructions:
  • cd ($OBJ_DIR)/_tests/testing/mochitest (Note that the working directory matters for runtests.pl!)
  • perl runtests.pl --autorun
I also remember that I saw a lot of pop up pages opening, doing something and then closing themselves (and each one of them is a mochitest)

AHA! As I was writing this post I realized that one of my questions got answered; In Mochitest#Running_Mochitest, says to run "perl runtests.pl" and that's what I did because I remember that after that a page opened and I had to click on a link saying "Run Tests!" and I thought "this does not look automated" and I have just found Mochitest#How_do_I_get_started.3F which shows that --autorun argument that I believe makes things automated.

List of things to note about Mochitest:

The Hera Try Server
As mentioned before we are setting up a Buildbot Try Server farm, therefore Dave moved IT people to let us have a Buildbot farm and we are going to configure to work as a Try Server with EC2 integration (Adam) and automated testing (me). This is the page in which is explained the Hera Try Server into detail (http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Hera_Try_Server_Setup ) and will be polish as soon as things get rolling

The project page
This last Friday, I created the project page for automated testing (which is called "Add to Try Server Automated Testing Support") instead of explaining the mochitest and I believe it was better this way to make consistent the project

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