Sunday, January 13, 2008

"try-server" and automated testing

This semester I am switching to a new project that will allows to learn a lot aobut automated testing on BuildBot.

My problem right now is that I have been reading too much and will be difficult to structure this blog post and I didn't want to split it into several posts. Please bar with me

Context of the project
First things first, to put you into context:
Links to read:
People involved:
  • Rob Campbell, Robert Helmer,Ben Hearsum,Robert Sayre,Mike Shaver, Adam Delyea, Dave Humphrey and Armen Zambrano G. (me ;)
Related Blog posts:
Concepts involved:
  • Buildbot
  • try-server
  • These are the tests they run in Mozilla: 1)reftest, 2)mochitest, 3)tunit, crashtest (from which tunit aka "make check" seems to be the easiest)
Unit Testing in Mozilla
NOTE from Writing_xpcshell-based_unit_tests:
"If you want to execute the test, you must create a non-static build of the browser without --disable-tests"

How do I run Mochitests?
  • cd ($OBJ_DIR)/_tests/testing/mochitest (Note that the working directory matters for!)
  • perl --autorun

How do I run Tunits ("make check")?

On I read on the left side this:
unit test Builds source then runs test suites. Build only after checkin, buildbot, VM, QA administered (robcee).
and from what I see in the page, they dedicate some servers to build and test while in the other they just build and others they do performance test

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