Sunday, January 13, 2008

My initial plan for the project

After three days I can only have these initial goals and I have ordered in the order I have understood it should happen:
  1. Initially, I want to run manually the mochitests (one of the interactive types of tests) and the xpcshell based test units (aka "make check") - (This last one already accomplished)
  2. I have chosen tunit ("make check") to be the first one to be working with try-server capability
  3. Learn how to run the rest of different tests (reftest and crashtest)
  4. Integrate one by one the rest of the tests to be have try-server capabilities
  5. Add regression search Buildbot improvement (read note below)

NOTE: I believe that Tunit tests is just an abbreviation of Test Unit, I think is not something like Junit or Nunit

NOTE2: About == Regression Search Buildbot improvement ==

I [ setup a
buildbot] using [ db48x's
regression-search script] to make it easy to write a mochitest or
reftest and automatically find out when something regressed. Currently
it's still not terribly easy to use, and it's also hosted on my home
machine, so I often forget to restart it. This could be improved by
making it more reliable, and making it easier to use.

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