Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2 years ago: The beginning of my releng path

Two years ago I started working on my first Release Engineering project, as a student, which was to integrate unit tests into the try server.
I really didn't know what was I getting into but it lead me, without my knowledge, to an internship with Mozilla's Release Engineering team. I have to thanks for Shaver on going nuts and say that this would be a suitable project for a student and Dave for being there to support me. I still don't know if he really thought I could have made it happen or if he just wanted to see me if I would not drown. I never completed the project (setting the machines with our college's IT to pass the unit tests was not easy) and it took some time to Mozilla to get this project introduced into its production systems.

I don't know if I have mentioned before but it has been two years of immense growth as a developer and being able to work with great people that have taught me tons and supported through this journey.

If you are a student taking the open source course know that even after some time in the industry I still get projects where I simply don't know how to tackle them.

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