Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Making sense of buying a house in Toronto

I am trying to get a place for myself and I have found this article that talks about closing costs when buying in Toronto and mentions the following items:
  • Survey. ~$650 seller
  • Title Insurance. $250-$275 seller?
  • Land Transfer Tax. Depends on price of house and if you are a new house buyer. Explanation.
  • Legal Fees. $600-$800. buyer or seller?
  • Disbursements. $400-$600
  • Statement of Adjustments. Varies.
  • Home Insurance. A house purchase has this cost as a closing cost; a condo doesn't have it.
  • Mortgage Application. A mortgage broker gets paid by the lender so take advantage of it.
  • Mortgage Appraisal. ~$200. It can be waived.
  • Home Inspection. $200-$450
  • Status Certificate. ~100 for condo purchases and taken care of by the seller
  • CMHC Insurance Premium. You don't pay it if you put 20% or more for down-payment. If you have to pay this premium it will be determined on how much you put as down-payment and it can be included in your mortgage. The PST on it is due the date of closing.
I have another post on the bake for the effects of the HST that will apply starting on July 1st.

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