Thursday, January 21, 2010

What I have worked on since I started as a full-timer

We are doing a process of self-evaluation at work which make us look into the past and see which projects we have liked working on.
In this blog post I list the projects that I have worked on and I go into further detail in each section. On the first section you will see the overall picture, on the second one I have listed some blog posts related to the projects in chronological reverse order and in the last section there is a link to ALL the bugs that I fixed since April.

The big picture of what I have worked on in this last year is:
  • L10n nightly updates for Firefox (finished in Q3)
    • I fixed nightly builds and repackages-on-change as a contractor (Fall 08 and Winter 09)
  • Multi-locale build for Fennec (Q4)
  • WinCE localized build for Firefox (Q4-Q1)
  • Machine setup and failures diagnosis (all the time)
  • Central deployment of packages (puppet and OPSI - Q4)
  • Some evangelization (Talks at Seneca and interviews - Q4)
This is the list of projects that I have worked on in a sequential order:
If you want to look at the bugs that I have fixed since April you can have a look at this query:

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