Thursday, January 07, 2010

Localized Windows CE builds for Firefox are being produced

On Wednesday we had our first successful batch of nightly repackages for WinCE in the mozilla-central branch.
If you have a Windows CE device and you feel like giving it a try you can find the builds in:
Look for "wince-arm" in the filename.
We will have builds for the 1.9.2 branch shortly as soon as a couple of patches land.

You will find out that we generate a cab file, a zip file and the complete MAR file (which means that we should get updates as well assuming that all goes well).

I don't have a device myself to test that it is actually working so I will be happy to hear from you if you find a problem.

If it all goes well we will have release builds as well for when Firefox 3.6 comes out of the door.

NOTE: I can't say which locales will go out the door and it is not my call.
NOTE2: For more information you can go to the bug where everything is happening by following this link.

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