Wednesday, March 04, 2009

HFOSS - dicussion panel

Here are some things that I was able to catch during the discussion panel.
Some of these have a question/answer style but some are just notes from an answer or from an independent comment.

Laptops unfortunately come with Vista (proprietary software)
At their local stores they will only buy a windows laptop

Most vendors will help you have laptops with customized installations of Linux
Netbooks are great to run Linux and are inexpensive
USB Linux boot flash drive

There ethical issues using proprietary software, it makes institutions unable to provide the tools needed to students for free
Would you give a book to a student and not allow them to take it home?
They can't take the resources they need home
Teachers can't download software and install it in school stations
Students can't do their homework unless they buy Office, XP and other tools

CDs with needed tools would be great


I don't know that the question was
Foster mentality that projects are things that you work on
A project is something that you are inspired to work on and don't wait for a professors to tell you what to add or how to continue

K-12 creating games and sharing them online follows an ideology of sharing philosophy
Games help self platforms to be sold or be attractive

Open source for women might not be as appealing idea; who likes the idea to go home after work and getting involved in writing code?

open-source has a lot misconceptions which scare women away
Women don't work with computers when they get back at home
A lot of things in big open-source projects are not just coding

I am an o.s. maintainer and I don't know how to get an educator to ask how I can help them

We have been like this for many year, if there is a place to fix that is in here. We have educators in here that we say we are here and open-source projects maintainers that we are in here. We are finally in the same room

How can we prepare educators to teach open source? One week courses?

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