Monday, March 02, 2009

L10n-Release engineering bugs' big picture

At some point during last fall, I was suggested to add dependencies on all the bugs that had to do with L10n's release infrastructure to be able to see the big picture and what was left to fix.

Today, I decided to look at the big picture and we have gone a long way since last year. Currently, we are bringing a lot of the release engineering's infrastructure up in sync with Axel's setup which will improve the repack on change process and add the compare-locales into our systems.

These are part of the steps that have been taken in the last months that will help us reach the day that L10n nightly builds will actually have nightly updates. Yay!
It is great having been able to work closely with Axel and Coop, and a great opportunity for me to help make things better and learn a lot from them!

Without further delay, here is the "big picture":

NOTE: There are few other bugs that are isolated and that did not make it to this image. Yes, there is more to fix and much to improve but we will get there ;)

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